Our Team

Working together, on your behalf

Our experience has taught us that we can best serve you not as a collection of individuals, but as a strong, cooperative team. Each of us possesses complementary skills, ensuring your real estate needs are always fully satisfied.

Larry Sowerby
Principal & Broker
P (902) 444-4004
M (902) 452-3308
(Larry’s bio)
Brian Toole
P (902) 444-4002
M (902) 476-6898
(Brian’s bio)
Geof Ralph
Vice President
P (902) 444-3006
M (902) 877-9324
(Geof’s bio)
Connie Amero
Managing Director
P (902) 431-9967
(Connie’s bio)
Erin Crosby
Marketing Manager
P (902) 444-4004
M (902) 877-1849
(Erin’s bio)
Jack MacGillivray
Associate Advisor
P (902) 444-4004
M (902) 233-8622
(Jack’s bio)
Joe Tippett
Senior Advisor
P (902) 444-4004
(Joe’s bio)
Kevin Riles
Senior Advisor
M (902) 403-7847
(Kevin’s bio)
Alison Sowerby
Executive Coordinator
M (902) 444-1016
(Alison’s bio)
Jim Yerxa
Principal & Broker
Email: jim@partnersglobal.com
Phone: 506.453.1097
Cell: 506.260.1601
(Jim’s bio)
Mark LeBlanc
Email: mark@partnersglobal.com
Phone: 506.453.1119
Cell: 506.260.7203
(Mark’s bio)
Mike Joyce
Senior Advisor
Email: mike@partnersglobal.com
Phone: 506.440.6893
(Mike’s bio)
Mona Cockburn
Office Administrator
Email: mona@partnersglobal.com
Phone: 506.453.0067
(Mona’s bio)

Paul Moore
Principal & Broker
Email: paul@partnersglobal.com
Phone: (506) 648-3520
Cell: (506) 645-8488
Fax: (506) 635-6006
(Paul’s Bio)

Joe Tippett
Senior Advisor
Email: joe@partnersglobal.com
Phone: 902.444.4004
(Joe’s bio)

Bertin Haché
Associate Advisor
Email: bertin@partnersglobal.com
Phone: 506.866.7812
(Bertin’s bio)

Steve Morrison
Associate Advisor
M (506) 381-5885
(Steve’s bio)

Stephanie Turner
Senior Advisor
Email: stephanie@partnersglobal.com
Cell: (506) 333-3442
(Stephanie’s Bio)
(Stephanie’s Website)

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