We’ll Find Your Perfect Tenant

Your commercial property is a considerable asset, so it’s our job to find you a high-quality tenant and ensure that any costly downtime between occupants is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our Landlord Advisory Team will leave no stone unturned when examining your property and existing situation to determine not only the immediate prospects, but also the long-term opportunities.

Having represented many of the region’s most successful landlords, our reputation is built on market knowledge and the ability to negotiate an arrangement that achieves long-term success for both the landlord and the tenant


“Knowledgeable, honest, professional and very pleasant to work with - Partners Global has exceeded my expectations. Incredibly patient, they stayed with the deal until the last documents were fully executed while providing valuable insight along the way. I lean on them for all sorts of information and advice, even when we don’t have any pending deals. I consider us Partners.”
Nick Nesterernko, Real Estate Director, Sandalwood